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Divorced future in-laws and gift giving

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My SO's parents divorced more than a decade ago and a few years after he was out of the house. His parents remarried other people.  Everybody's happy. 

I don't live at all near any of them, but, depending on work schedules, I may see the whole gang between Christmas and the New Year.   Or I may not.  Something that can be mailed easily is ideal.  I just sent his mom and her wife a nice floral arrangement that goes with their house and with their holiday decorating motiff.  Now.  What to get the dad and other step-mom?  I was planning on buying them a really nice bottle of wine.  But SO says that their favorite kind of wine is "red."  That's what the label says.  Red.  So maybe not the really nice bottle of wine.  I'm trying to keep things "even" pricewise, around $60.  Everything I can think of--monogrammed guest towels and soaps, say--isn't really a "couple" gift and so unlikely to interested his dad much.  Ideas?

A wreath for the door?

Several different bottles of "Red" wine.

If they like wine, maybe some wine accessories like glasses, a carafe or a fancy bottle opener?

I don't see why dad & stepmom can't also get a floral arrangment. But if you don't want to go that route, a few bottles of modestly priced red wine (Bogle is affordale an excellently rated, as is Trader Joe's 3-buck-chuck, Rosemont is a bit pricier but very good, etc) or wine accessories would be good. Or a food basket filled with goodies. Or tickets to a local show.


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