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Author Topic: Gave away gift in front of me  (Read 48601 times)

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Re: Gave away gift in front of me
« Reply #120 on: November 28, 2012, 09:17:51 PM »
As I noted before, too ... the OP doesn't say that the children ever asked for the bracelets, just that they admired them. I can imagine the parents being reluctant to contradict the Sister on what was her decision. After all, it's not their place to tell her she's being rude or that she shouldn't give them away ... they're her property; she can do whatever she wants.

This is all on Sister.

If the kids asked, I'd feel differently. As a parent, I imagine I'd have swooped in and said, "Oh, no, we don't do that!"
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Re: Gave away gift in front of me
« Reply #121 on: November 28, 2012, 09:34:55 PM »
The OP mentioned that the bracelets were from a very specific,well known store; the store's name was displayed on the wrapping and the box, and there was much conversation when the gift was opened about where they came from.  So the parents of the toddlers knew at least that these were not junky discount store bracelets, but something that cost a bit, even if they didn't know the exact cost . . . .

The parents may have been distracted, or not even in the room, when the bracelets were opened and discussed.  The parents could have been dealing with a diaper change, wandering children, fussiness, etc.

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Re: Gave away gift in front of me
« Reply #122 on: November 28, 2012, 09:48:54 PM »
Times like this make me wish the OP would come back and answer some rather important questions.

One question I would ask if this is typical behavior from PennyandPleased's sister-in-law.

Another would be about how this brat's family usually handles it.

Another would be if her sister-in-law has shown other signs of discourteous behavior toward PennyandPleased.

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Re: Gave away gift in front of me
« Reply #123 on: November 28, 2012, 10:15:16 PM »

And I don't cut the sister any slack can you be 26 years old and not be aware of how to exchange an item at the store?  If she couldn't be bothered and just wanted to insult someone by tossing their gift aside, well, she accomplished that, and now can reap the rewards of her nastiness.

Maybe I'm getting cynical, but I suspect that Baby Sister has been calling the shots in that family for a long time.  Her behavior was malicious and deliberate - an intended insult.

I wonder if this is the same boyfriend's family that refuses to let anyone else hold the family baby.  I also wonder if it is the same "almost" MIL who loves to joke to the OP that her BF is cheating on her.  OP posted about several difficult situations in the past. 

If this is the same crew, then I hope that PennyandPleased will  think very carefully before she commits permanently to this man.  As the years go by it is unlikely that Baby Sister and the family will get any better. 

OP loves her DBF, and he is no doubt a lovely young man.  He needs to understand his family dynamics and be ready to protect OP next time.  And the time after that........

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