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Author Topic: You asked me a question, let me answer it before you ask secondary questions!!  (Read 9483 times)

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Good points. Re: the library thing, I've also been in jobs where I had to call some number to find out if the person standing in front of me was eligible for X, Y, or Z. So they are standing there while I'm listening (or trying to listen) to the prompts, ie "Press 1 for X subgroup y" "Press 2 for Y subgroup Z, or if the client does not have form 432."  And the client only sees me sitting there silently with the phone to my ear, so they decide to chat with me. I tried, "Oh, hang in there a sec, I'm listening to the prompts" and it still doesn't stop them.


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Ugh. I have a hard time dealing with that sort of thing.
My assistant at work drives me bonkers because she is a sentence finisher. Like she feels compelled to try to finish every single sentence I say.  Even when it is obvious she has no idea what I'm going to say.  Sometimes I just pretend I don't really notice that she is talking. Sometimes i have to say "No, actually..."  Any way it really makes me not want to talk to her. She does it about anything at all too.  I think she thinks it makes her an "active listener."  Gah!
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I am sorry Raintree.  I did not know my DH had a sister.  Although he usually asks two or three questions in rapid sequence before I finish processing the first one and often tries to guess what I might be attempting to say.