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Author Topic: Hostile Coworker  (Read 13029 times)

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Re: Hostile Coworker
« Reply #15 on: November 30, 2012, 08:09:04 PM »
After the holiday week off I returned this week and had my first in-person meeting with the HC(hostile coworker) in over a month. I was pleasant and she was pleasant. However during the meeting I noticed many things that leads me to believe that her problem with me is based solely on her inability to handle her workload(In the past I did help her with tasks that are not part of my job because I had the bandwidth to do so). She is the lead of this group and during the meeting she was working on something unrelated and acted annoyed when she had to become involved in the discussion. She also said that she feels she "talks too much" during these meetings and wants us to drive them more. All of the discussion that went back to her was regarding things when she was the only one working on this project. Background that the rest of us newer employees would not be aware of...

Another thing regarding the CCing. I have mentioned to her a few times before that I would prefer for her to contact me first if there is an issue with something and allow me a chance to resolve it(nothing was never that major of an issue). I told her that when she does that it is just throwing me under the bus. She continued doing the CCs without contacting me first. Which of course automatically makes me feel hostile towards her.

During the past 2 weeks there were no CCing of everyone emails(suspect someone higher up may have told her to cut it out). No 4:50 on Thursday requests. However I did get a call today(on my off day) from my manager that pretty much confirms that she had another issue/complaint and waited until I was out of office. Even though I was in a meeting with her for 2 hours yesterday...

At this point I am handling this more like a game of wits. Her accusations against me have no truth behind them. My manager has my back(during today's call he was surprised that I was in a meeting with her 2 hours yesterday and she didn't bring this issue up). Also I am switching positions within the department within the next few months which should limit my contact with her.

My game plan is to keep my manager in the loop. If the CCing of everyone happens I will have him handle it. I will keep my interactions with HC pleasant even though it's difficult to do so. I will not budge on my set schedule unless it is beneficial to me or my manager requests it(I am salary so working extra hours does not increase my pay). I don't feel that I'm at the point to contact HR about this yet, however if I have to I do have plenty of email correspondence to back me up.

If things don't get better I do have the option to quit and be a SAHM. However I am stubborn and do not want to let this person push me out of a job that I'm actually starting to enjoy.