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Gluten-Free Lactose-Free Gravy?

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Does anyone have a decent recipe? I'm willing to get whatever alternative flour is recommended, and I suppose I could actually buy the lactose-free milk to cook with for this...

Outdoor Girl:
Corn starch rather than flour?  Check to make sure it is GF, though, since some brands might be packaged in facilities that also process wheat.  I always mix the corn starch up in a slurry before adding it to my pan drippings and potato and/or carrot water.

I do use a product called Bisto for gravy that I'm quite sure is NOT GF but you could just use whatever spices you wanted to add.

I've never used milk in a traditional gravy for meat so I can't help you with the lactose free part.

Auntie Mame:
1) Whatever basestock  you are using

2) Use Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Flour.  We used that this year to make the Thanksgiving Gravy, no one could tell the difference

3) Unsweetened soy milk (don't use rice or almond, too sweet).  I used unsweetened soy milk in the past to make a vegan gravy (with a base of veggie broth and cashews pureed) and it worked great.

Thanks Auntie! I know sometimes non-wheat flours don't work the same on a structural level as wheat flour does - does that flour work well in cornbread too?

Outdoor Girl:
I find the all purpose gluten free flours work great in baking that has a lot of natural moisture, like carrot cake, pumpkin loaf and banana bread.  You add a little Xanthan gum with it for loft and a little extra liquid (like a tsp per cup of flour).  So if your corn bread includes canned corn, like some I've seen, it should work just fine.  If it doesn't, I've substituted all purpose flour with corn flour 1:1 with good success.


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