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I know I should have said something but just couldn't find the words

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On Sunday evening I was home alone when someone rang the bell.  It was a female family member, who I will call X and her grand daugher, Y.  X just happened to be driving in the vicinity of my home when Y announced she needed to use the bathroom.  So, X stopped and asked if Y could use my bathroom.  Now, I'd like to add that I haven't seen X in about 2 years for many reasons but we just do not have any relationship at this point, and Y I have never met.  Y's Dad fathered several children with several girlfriends and in general my family isn't close (no get togethers on this side.)
After Y used the bathroom she walked straight into my diningroom and went to a large pumpkin dish I have on the table.  She lifted the lid and proceeded to help herself to the leftover Halloween Candy contained therein.  X immediately spoke up and said, "Get out of there!  You need to ask *new*mommy before you touch anything, etc, etc." To which Y did put the candy back in, dropped the lid and came back to where we were standing.  Y then looked at me and said, "If I have to ask for it, I don't want it." and went out the door.  X kind of rolled her eyes, thanked me for the use of the bathroom and left as well.
Monday evening I got a call from X.  She again thanked me for the bathroom use and again apologized for Y.  But, then she said, "Well, really, we're family, so she shouldn't have to ask."  I was dumbfounded.
I wanted to say many things, none of which are Ehell approved, the least of which would be, "really, we're family?  are you sure about that?  because we sure don't act like family and I've never seen Y before in my life" But, instead, I said   :-X  NOTHING.  I could not think of anything to say so I just sat there, holding the phone until eventually X hung up.
I've been mulling this around in my head since Monday and honestly I just cannot think of what I could've or should've said.
So, is "Complete Silence" ok in this situation?  What should I have said if not?
Can any one make me feel a little bit better about sitting there mute until X finally hung up on me?
Thank you!

Complete, dumbfounded silence was totally appropriate here! Who DOES that????

You are in the clear. This was a totally bizarre situation.

Um, being related does not make it open season on things that are not yours. Even my mom asks when she comes over my house.

I think your stunned silence probably said almost as much as words here.

*edited because I can spell. sometimes.

I mean, what if that had been my Petty Cash Pumpkin instead of a candy dish?
But, seriously, I would've let her have the darn candy if she had asked me.

Thanks, I feel a little better.   :-[

Despite your silence, I think she heard you loud and clear.  ;D


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