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I work as a pharmacy technician. Part of my job requires that I make lots of phone calls. When I have to call a customer, it's no problem. My problem is when I have to call a doctor's office or a lab.

This is how a typical conversation might go when I place a call:
Person answers the phone (PATP): Thank you for calling Dr. Blah-blah's office, how can I help you?
Me: Hi, this is MrsCrazyPete from ABC Pharmacy. I'm calling to find out about Joe Schmoe's lab results. Has he come in yet?
PATP: ...complete silence...

Now I assume that the person on the other end is looking up that information, but without them saying anything, I don't know for sure. Sometimes I'm kept waiting for up to a full minute with nothing but silence. After a period of time they give me the information I need, but in the meantime I'm getting very frustrated.

A few times I have started to repeat myself or said "hello?", only to have the person snap at me that they are checking on what I need.

Is there anything I can say in this sort of situation? Or do I just suck it up?

I don't think there's much else you can do.  You're not rude by saying "hello?" to them.  If they snap at you, that's on them.

This happens to me from the other direction all the time. It's so awkward! I try to tell them I have to look something up and then to occasionally make a little sound or say something so they know I'm there--I always think I should be humming the Jeopardy! theme or something.

I usually  say, "Are you still there?" which seem a tad friendlier and less accusatory. I insert the name if it has been given to me earlier.

"Are you still there, Kathy?"

Sanity Lost:
I hum "Peter and the Wolf" and always congratulate the person who recognizes it. :)

Now I do that whether I'm calling or being called; it lets us both know i'm still on the line until one of us speaks. So maybe that will help?


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