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I always expect to see the gifts opened at a shower, so I think that's fine. As a guest, I like to eat while watching the gift opening, so maybe see if you can get them to serve food and cake first.

As far as the timing goes, it might be a little early, but the upcoming holiday season makes it harder to plan anything non-holiday between now and the new year, so I think that's understandable.

I think it sounds fine both the overall timing and the gift opening. I know a higher than normal percentage of people who had their kids over a month early so I would err on the side of early over late.

I think having the shower now is fine. Its hard to plan a baby shower when the mom is due early in the year. My BFF was due the end of January so I threw her shower the weekend after Thanksgiving.

I would encourage them to have the mom open her gifts at the end. Have everyone play a quick game, then do the food. After everyone is seated again, play a game that helps everyone pay attention to the gifts being opened, like gift bingo. This way if someone has to leave early, they've eaten and participated in the shower, not just watched their gift been opened. Ive been to some showers where the gift opening has gone on for almost two hours and that is a LONG TIME.

At the very least, make sure the guests have their food to eat while watching the gift opening.

As long as mom realizes that no one wants to spend 80% of the shower time watching her open gifts, you're good.

I attended a bridal shower last year that was torturous.  The bride took 2.5 hours to open gifts.  She even took a break to go smoke in the middle because, hey, we have until 3PM.  Whereas we were all just wishing we had an excuse to leave.


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