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I tried to be sociable and wanted eat and visit before opening presents at my shower, as several people had travelled from out of state to come to eat it and see me.  Silly me, as there was a football game that afternoon that several people wanted to eat and run to go home and watch.  Gee, thanks.  It was nice knowing what was more important to them.  ::)

I would say it depends on the time of the shower.  If it starts at 1, which is lunchtime for many people, eat first and then open gifts.  If it starts at 11, it would probably be okay to open the presents first and then eat. 

I don't see a problem with the timing of the shower.  It's a little early, but this happens.

I do see a problem with their agenda for the event.  If the GOH is opening gifts before anything is offered to the guests, this strikes me as rude.  If you can't talk them out of this, then I think your hill to die on should be that the food be organized as a grazing or buffet type thing.  Guests have access to it as soon as they want, and this includes prior to and during gift opening.  Obviously, it also includes beverages.

Opening presents at the shower is sort of the whole point of a shower.

May I suggest a way to have games and presents at the same time?
Make up cards for "baby shower bingo."


Bingo cards are devised that have boxes with various likely baby shower presents. So when a present is opened, say a blanket, the players look at their card and mark the square with a blanket.  If they get 5 in a row, they win a little prize.

Generally there is some eating and socializing, then gifts, then dessert.


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