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gramma dishes:

--- Quote from: rigs32 on December 01, 2012, 10:38:04 AM ---As long as mom realizes that no one wants to spend 80% of the shower time watching her open gifts, you're good.

I attended a bridal shower last year that was torturous.  The bride took 2.5 hours to open gifts.  She even took a break to go smoke in the middle because, hey, we have until 3PM.  Whereas we were all just wishing we had an excuse to leave.

--- End quote ---

Maybe you should all have suddenly taken up smoking so you'd have to leave too!   >:D

I have the same instinct as you--but I also know that waiting can make the shower take a LONG time if there are very many guests.

If you're nominally in charge, I suggest you try to get the food STARTED about 2 minutes before the present opening, so that people can nosh in some way (hospitality offered to them!) while the presents are being opened.

Food and refreshments should be available from the time guests arrive.  I would think it odd to be sitting for a couple hours watching the gift opening without anything to eat.

Food should be available as soon as gueats arrive and as long as guests can eat as they open presents, I don't see any issues.

As for timing, your sister is around 30 weeks? My shower was at 32 weeks, i was not comfortable having it much later than that, partially because I knew I'd get uncomfortable and cranky s my due date got cloaer, plus risk of early labour. Add in Christmas season and January blahs and the timing makes perfect sense.

I think most showers I've attended have the same progression.

Guests arrive and visit and nibble on the food for a half hour after start time
Presents are opened and guests wander back and forth to food buffet or drinks as the gifts are opened if it is a long time.
Cake is served
Games are played by those interested are those not have a good opportunity to leave.


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