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Looking for funny comics in French

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My parents are visiting France this coming summer, so they're both teaching themselves French ahead of time.  I've gotta say, I'm very impressed at the Rosetta Stone software - it's gotten some great results  :)

Anyway, because of that, for Christmas I'd like to get them something in French, and I was thinking comic books might be a fun way to go.  The pictures usually make them easier to read (even when the language is idiomatic), and the humor makes it worthwhile.  However, many French comics appear to be more like graphic novels (i.e. not funny, just animated) and it's not always easy to tell the difference from the other side of the ocean and not having spoken French for ten years  :P

Anyone have some suggestions?  I'd really love to find something like American "funnies" - a book of printed strips, but with each strip being kind of self-contained and having some sort of punchline/payoff in the last panel.  The only ones I've read personally are Asterix and Smurfs, and neither of those are really what I'm looking for  :-\

Backup plan: any suggestions for good CDs of French singers?

It's true that we don't really have comic strips in France, they mostly last a page (the rest like Asterix or the smurfs last a whole album), but I'm sure we do have a few (I don't really read any newspaper or magazine, that's probably where they hide).
I'll search and ask around, is there a particuliar kind you're looking for? (humor or graphic wise)

My ideal would be something funny and not too smutty to send to my parents  :P  I'd prefer something that wasn't originally an American comic in English first, because I'd love for them to learn a few new French idioms as they read, but I can probably fall back on a translation of Garfield or Peanuts if I have to (since I'm pretty sure those two comics have been translated into every language in the world by now).

Barney girl:
I can't offer any ideas on comics (although I remember being given a comic style three musketeers on a holiday in France when I was a child), but for a CD why not try Jacques Brel - Belgian rather than French, but of the French speaking/singing variety.

 (Sorry I know there's a neater way of inserting hyperlinks, but I don't know how)

You might look into Le Chat. It's Belgian, but in French, and each strip is one page:



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