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When a Boss doesn’t accept your expertise…Final Update #19

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Also maybe the interim director is afraid she will get in trouble if the remote possibility happens but she did not account for it.  You could also tell her that you have a "Risks" section in your design and will add that the possibility was considered but not included because the cost/benefit analysis didn't warrent it.

Does Interim Director have the final call authority here or does Supervisor? If Supervisor, I'd relay that Interim Director requested the work directly and ask for direction on how to proceed. If it's Interim Director's call, I'd send one last email documenting the low level of risk and the increased cost and ask for a final decision. If Interim Director decides he/she still wants the extra work with that information, there's not much else to be done other than get on with the extra work. At least if someone questions it later, you'll have documentation that it was Interim Director's call, not yours.

Small Update
Sorry for being incommunicado....things are getting confusing here.  I did not have the opprotunity to bring up the written document idea to Supervisor on Monday or Tuesday (she was in meetings all day).  On Wednesday, Director sent an e-mail to Supervisor and copied LabTech (I was not in the loop [LabTech told me about it]) asking if all of the work had been completed yet.  LabTech responded saying that it had only been 3 days and that, due to her other responsibilities, the work was still in progress.  I do not know what Supervisor's reaction to this was.

On a separate note, a different Sub-Director is bugging us constantly about a project he wants completed that has nothing to do with our normal day-to-day operations.  He called a meeting today to discuss what had been accomplished in the past 7 days.  Ummmmm...nothing because it is not a priority and we do not have the personnel to devote to his personal project.  Maybe he should get a research grant and hire his own staff.

I'm thinking that some other higher-up is pestering Director and Sub-Director for results.

I'll keep everyone posted if there are any new developments.

The plot thickens...

This morning (Friday) there was an e-mail from Director (to myself, LabTech and Supervisor) saying "Any updates on the progress of the extra work?"   :o Please note it has only been 2 days since her last inquiry.

Supervisor is fuming and sent back "LabTech said on Wednesday that she would let you know when things are done."

This paranoia and micromanaging are wearing thin. :P


Well the department leadership is still in complete disarray but at least this issue has finally been cleared up. Or as Supervisor put it "We have completely beaten this dead horse."

I ran an experiment addressing the frequency of this remote possibility and showed that the risk was quantifiable to one in a million (literally).  I also repeated testing on the performance of the test and showed that it is performing well within all of the stated parameters (just as it had done before).

So I guess interim director is satisfied (for now) until she dreams up some new "concern".  The bottom line is - now no one in the lab takes her seriously and she has lost a considerable amount of credibility due to her lack of leadership and decision-maiking.


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