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When a Boss doesn’t accept your expertise…Final Update #19

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I would feign ignorance while telling the supervisor.  Something like "oh so Director finally worse you down, huh?  I heard Lou is implementing those changes..."

What's the chain of command here? Does Lab Tech report to Supervisor? If so, Lab Tech should tell Supervisor herself. If Lab Tech reports to you, then yes, definitely tell Supervisor.

Does the Director outrank Supervisor?

An unclear chain of command is part of the problem.

Both Lab Tech and I report to Supervisor.  Lab Tech does not report to me but told me about what Director has asked her to do since I am the one who designed the test and, in a way, she is modifying my work.  So yes, I agree that it is up to Lab Tech to inform Supervisor.

Here's where it gets confusing. Director works for the University but Supervisor works for the hospital.  So "technically" Supervisor does not report to Director but to a separate hospital Administrator even though Director is supposed to oversee all operations.  All of Director's requests for lab work need to go through Supervisor.  In the past, however, Former Director and I would work on projects directly and I think that this is how Interim Director has gotten confused.  Interim Director's delay of the project is going to anger the hospital Administrator because it will cause a cost increase and delay compliance with a regulation that this test solves.

Oh boy, what a situation.

Whether you or the tech does it, Supervisor must be told ASAP!

Tell the Lab Tech to go to the Supervisor asap and phrase it as needing resolution of a conflict in instructions.

'Director has told me to this X, which would push back project Y that you assigned me. Can you clarify what the priority needs to be?'


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