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picking on my aunt on Facebook

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Facebook has changed its filtering settings yet again, and suddenly games I have previously blocked are showing up.

So my aunt has posted something about, "please change whatever setting so that you do NOT send me requests for your games--I want to use Facebook to keep in touch with people, and I don't really care if you need another trough for your barnyard or whatever. But do please keep sending me news and comments and photos."

And her sister, the other aunt, chimed in to say, "me too--especially photos!"

So my sis and I were talking about this, and we've decided we're going to start a new "game" and call if Lifeville. We'll write posts that look like Farmville or Cityville requests ("TootsNYC is playing Lifeville, the newest interactive game on Facebook. She needs a Recent Snapshot to complete her Family & Friends Scrapbook. If you send her one, you'll get a prize back!")

And the prize will be a post that says something like, "Thanks for sending TootsNYC a Recent Snapshot for her Family & Friends Scrapbook in Lifeville. here's your prize: a Virtual Hug!"

Today I took a pic of my son doing whatever he was doing at the time (playing XBox) and put it on my sis's wall with one of those, "Toots has sent you a Recent Snapshot--use it to complete your...."

We're going to do it back and forth to ourselves first, and then loop her in. Think she'll get it?

Why? It sounds kind of hurtful to me.

If I found that someone was messing with my brain and wasting my time like that, and trying to make a fool of me, I would be pretty upset.

Maybe I'm misinterpreting what you are trying to do. I hope so!


That seems a bit mean.

People get to use Facebook the way they want to use it, it seems rather manipulative to do something like that.

I use Facebook for fun and escapism, it would upset me if someone was try to sneakily trying me some hidden message.

So I guess I'm confused. What is your point in doing this? It is a complicated plot  simply to as your subject says, pick oon your aunt? Why? Because she doesn't like facebook game activity? Same games you also blocked?

 Since I don't get it, I'm going to say no she won't get it. Not sure what 'it' even is.

I also have games blocked.  I don't like them clogging up my newsfeed. 

Unfortunately, if someone started doing that to me, they'd find themselves accidentally blocked, too.  I probably wouldn't get the joke and would just turn off notifications without paying much attention to whether I was turning off notifications from the person or a game.  If all I ever get from someone is gamespam, they end up either defriended or blocked from my newsfeed (as in, we're still friends, I just don't see their activity).

I think what you're planning on doing is a little hurtful and not funny.  Sorry. :(


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