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Baked potato toppings

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DH and I are hosting a casual party for some friends and some family the weekend before Christmas. We decided to do a build-your-own baked potato bar. I'm very excited about it!

We're having about 10-12 people, so I'm thinking I'll get 2 dozen potatoes. Or should I make more?

These are the toppings we'll serve:
Sour cream
Green onions
Bacon bits
Shredded cheese
Chopped mushrooms
Chopped ham

I'm also going to make chili in the crockpot that people can pour over their potato or eat on its own. We'll have a veggie tray for everyone to snack on, corn muffins and Christmas cookies and cocoa for dessert.

Am I missing anything major? Any awesome potato toppings that you've heard of?

Pico de Gallo or good chunky salsa

Hot sauce.

I don't know about "awesome" but I always have black olive chunks on my baked taters.

There are dining places where my parents live that sell "loaded" baked potatoes. They put fajita or chicken strips on top.


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