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Baked potato toppings

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So = this is weird - but I like a Caesar salad and then I mash up my baked potato and put it on top of the salad and pur dressing all over ( I do NOT do this in fine dining establishments ) - so I owuld love a salad ... but then you would have to see me smushing up the potato and then you would probably wish you had not done that  ;)


And I've never tasted it but I forsee bacon and ranch being awsome.

Maybe hardboiled egg like to make warm potato salad.

I like to put Ranch dressing on top. If you know of a good low- or non-fat version of Ranch dressing, that would be good to offer too.

Crumbled blue cheese + hot baked spud = NOM!

Finely crumbled hamburger
Thin slices of steak
Green peppers


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