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PA / Unresponsive Boss - What a combination! Update #7 and #8

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--- Quote from: Slartibartfast on December 02, 2012, 11:26:29 PM ---I would say do the following:

1) dig through your email and collect some concrete examples of where Ken's failure to do his job has kept you from doing yours

2) talk to John to feel out the office politics involved and to see if there's any particular reason Ken is still there (e.g. he's the owner's best friend, etc.)

3) if John thinks it'll fly, go over Ken's head to his boss and lay out a concise argument for why the current system isn't working.  Don't pick on Ken specifically, but do point out that routing everything through a person who refuses to be reachable for long periods of time holds the entire team hostage.

--- End quote ---

POD. Definitely see about going over his head. If he's not responding to his employees queries, and insisting that those queries go ONLY to him, he is very much NOT doing his job, and that could be some serious PD.

I would call up Ken and say "Ken, I want to know what is the best way to communicate with you.  I have tried emailing but have not gotten responses in a timely manner...I imagine you get a lot of email!  Would calling you work best? IM?  Also, how would you like us to handle it when we have a request in to you but have not heard back? Should we contact you again? Text you?"

I would also try what someone suggested and say "I have a doctor's appt on Sept 3rd at 3pm, so I will need to be out of the office from 2:30 until 4pm.  If I do not heal back from you I will assume this is alright.  If it is not, please let me know by August 15th."  The ol' "no response=concurrence".

Sounds like Ken wants to have the power and control the communication and never wants to be out of the loop.  If you talk to other people directly, then it looks like he doesn't know what is going on.  But any email that require him to actually do anything get ignored.

I would ask John privately for other suggestions on how best to work with Ken.  Come across as you are asking how best to work with him, not as "Ken is a powerhungry useless weasel".

All excellent suggestions!  I had a VERY important need to test the email issue because I had a deadline for pre-approval on tuition reimbursement.  We had a major in-person meeting yesterday and today.  It forced him to look at me as I asked him to please respond to the request and forward it before the end of the week.  Since I had his full attention and he knew he had been remiss in answering my emails in the past (I politely emphasized how important a timely response was without mentioning past failures), he gave me a promise that he would have all paperwork signed and forwarded by noon tomorrow or I am to call his cell phone at 12:01.  In the future, if it is truly important, I may have to get in my car and drive to HQ, because it seems that face-to-face communication trumps phone or electronic.

As for the micromanaging, John was also at the meetings and apparently got an earful from several of my coworkers who are having a much rougher time than I am.  It is now his decision how to act upon this information.  I am working to position myself for an administrative trainee position by next fall, so I am hoping to extricate myself from the entire mess soon enough.

I haven't received the email confirmation that my tuition paperwork was forwarded correctly.  As Ken suggested, I called to remind him.  The phone went straight to voice mail.  This was almost three hours ago.  I also requested a half-day off on Friday and another half-day on Monday (I have one personal day left this year) and have heard nothing.

In the meantime, I HAVE received email confirmation of another update in protocol, but it came from someone other than Ken.  As I've said, the last time I filled in my team on protocol changes without going through Ken, I had my knuckles rapped with a verbal ruler.  The protocol change won't take effect until the 20th.  However, that tuition paperwork is due in two days.

I'd be calling every hour on the hour until he picks up.  It's how he asked you to contact him.

I would also not expect an email that went unanswered for more than a couple days to ever get answered.  Keep emailing.


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