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Is asking for quiet asking too much? (long description) Update post 19

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I agree about being the squeeky wheel and be it with Tina and your boss.

Everytime you hear her music or singing or pencil tapping, you have the right to say "Tina, would you hold it down?  The sound is distracting."  Even if it is 3 times an hour. If she pouts, she pouts.  And she can grump to her current visitor, but believe me they are walking away gratefull they are not sitting next to her.

And go to your boss and tell him you want to move and do it frequently.

Wanting a quieter work environment is totally reasonable. You're not a SS. :)

I would have another talk with your boss, but I think you will have more traction with your complaint if you emphasize the intimate conversations and how uncomfortable they make you. (Who wouldn't be uncomfortable hearing that? Especially at work! So inappropriate.) That's a different kind of HR issue and is much more likely to be taken seriously than a simple noise complaint.

BarensMom's idea of bringing you boss over quietly can be successful, too.

Veronika Fate:
Thanks for the replies, everyone!  I was starting to wonder, based on the nonchalant responses from the managers ("Just turn your music up"), that maybe I was trying to get the world to conform to me-  I know you'd let me have it if that was the case!  She was actually pretty quiet today!  There were a few personal calls, but nothing I couldn't ignore since it was infrequent.

Onyx_TKD-  I never thought of using white noise, that's a great idea, thanks!  I'll keep an eye out for a good price on headphones like that too.

In regards having our boss come over when Tina is getting hyper, I'm not sure it would work that well.  As soon as she sees the boss coming (very open floor) she puts her calls on hold, stops singing for a moment, whatever it is, the same way people switch windows off the Internet.  It doesn't help that they're kind of buddies.

You're all right though, if I want something done I'll have to keep speaking up.  TBH I was a little hesitant to become That Person Who Complains About Everything, but if becoming that person means I have some peace to get some work done then it's not a terrible consolation prize  ;D

Since she was pleasant today, I won't say anything.  For all I know, she got talked to after I left.  The week just started though so I'll be keeping these suggestions in mind! 

How in the world is she getting any work done if she's spending all day on personal calls?

Welcome, Verononica Fate!

I hope you don't mind if I piggyback a couple of questions onto your thread; they're kind of relevant.

1) My coworker isn't nearly as annoying as Veronica's, but my ability to concentrate seems to waver from day to day---some days I have no problem at all, some days every word out of her mouth makes me want to scream, as it completely derails my train of thought and it takes forever to get back on it.
Today was an OK day for me, but Boss gave me something to review that required me to really concentrate, so, since coworker was (I thought) not talking to me directly, but really to herself, I plugged my ears for the length of time it took to read it. (Our desks aren't in sight of one another).

Well, she walked through my area to get something and, after I was done (and unplugged) said "I'm sorry for going on and on when you were trying to work." I couldn't tell, but maybe I hurt her feelings? Was it PA to plug my ears instead of telling her I needed to focus for a few minutes?

2) I LOVE the whitenoise idea---but how well does it block out sound? Can I hear the intercom if someone buzzes me? Can I hear the boss if he calls me from the next room (about 10 feet away)?


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