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"Most offensive Thanksgiving dinner ever" letter

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I definitely think it need a serious discussion, if they decide to get more serious. But I'm not sure about the idea that having family like this would be a red flag on it's own. If society is ever to change, people who come from families like this will need to be given the benefit of the doubt, and shown a better way. I think that saying he should cut off his whole family because of this *or* she shouldn't be with him is expecting way too much at this point, as well as assuming if he doesn't he must have some racist views of his own.

Maybe one day he will come to the conclusion that he can't be around them anymore. But I see here how difficult it is for people to cut off their family, even for more 'personal' affronts than this one. When I see a really racist family, and I also see that the younger generation are different (even if not perfect) it makes me happy because I think this is the only way we'll ever get rid of racism and bigotry. You so rarely see non-racist parents with racist offspring after all (though it does happen) but the reverse is quite common.


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