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Place Names That Sound Funny to Others.

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--- Quote from: emwithme on December 10, 2012, 08:25:08 AM ---That's where my first ever dentist was from - he was working in the late 70s/early 80s in Coventry, England.

It really *is* a small world.

--- End quote ---

Fantastic!  ;D

Will be seeing next month, my cousin who at one time lived in Queensland (mentioned above). Will ask him what's his "someone from Biloela" story !

There is a small town in New Hampshire called "Dummer".  The larger town next to it, Milan, used to sell t-shirts "The people in Milan might not be smart, but the next town over is Dummer"  ;D

I never thought much about my town's name until The Simpson's made fun of it.  They were visiting NYC and Homer had to pee and a bus drove by, its front sign saying it was headed to Flushing Meadows.  He imagined a large field full of toilets. (I actually just live in Flushing, not Flushing Meadows, but same point.)

There's a city in Austria that's name contains the F word as a verb. I've read that street signs are frequently stolen by English tourists because of the name.

There is a hamlet near us named Versailles, which is pronounced Ver-SALES.  Another hamlet nearby is named Napoli, pronounced Na-POLE-eye.


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