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Place Names That Sound Funny to Others.

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My parents used to have a business in Woy Woy. For other double names in Oz look for Kurri Kurri and Wagga Wagga.

Amid always thought Lovedale was rather cute.

There is a Flushing in Michigan, too.

Snowy Owl:

The village of Piddle in Worcestershire was the first one I thought of.  Most amusingly a local brewery markets a beer called "Piddle in the Hole" after that village. 

Other amusing ones are Upper Slaughter and Lower Slaughter in Gloucestershire.  Interestingly despite the name, Upper Slaughter is one of the few places that had no combat fatalities in either world war.  Given the death rates in WW1 in particular that's pretty unusual. 

Julia Mercer:
There's a Petawawa in Ontario somewhere, that always makes me giggle!

Didn't read everything but in NJ we have a town that sounds literally funny: "Ho Ho Kus"


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