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To avoid or not to avoid Xmas Eve get together?

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My daughter is not friends with her at all, but she's not blocked from sending a message. I guess we'll have to fix that.

My DH sent SIL a message over FB this after noon that essentially says that he had communicated with BIL1 that they should save their money for nephew (they are always complaining about money anyway) so please do not purchase gifts for us.  He also said "I guess BIL1 did not pass this along".   

Other than this all has been quiet which is surprising but welcome.

I like the "I guess he did not tell you" part if your DH's message. Surely she would not have contacted DD if Bil had told her! ;)


--- Quote from: Danika on December 14, 2012, 10:34:12 AM ---Your SIL is what we would call a "flying monkey." Like Wizard of Oz, the witch has flying monkeys who do her bidding. BIL1 couldn't get what he wanted. Suddenly, SIL is being sent by him to accomplish his goal. I would ignore her, as you intended to do.

--- End quote ---

P.S. I love this! "Flying monkey" is so accurate!


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