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The Bon Voyage Party

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Crazy Woman:  "I can't stay late, I have to go home and change for a going-away party Crazy Friend is having for child who needs disciplining."
Me:  "Whare's child who needs disciplining going on his trip?"
CW:  "Oh it's not a trip, he's going to rehab tomorrow."
Me:   "She's having a party before he goes to rehab?" :o
CW:  "Well, she doesn't want him to feel like he's being punished by being sent away."

True story.  No wonder child who needs disciplining is such a mess.  At last count he'd been to rehab 3 times.

Maybe he likes having bon voyage parties?  ;)

I can't think of anything more hideous than everyone standing around going "so, rehab. What you in for this time?"

(dissolves into helpless giggles)

Clara Bow:
Are they going to break a bottle of champagne over his head?
This is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard in my life.


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