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Holiday Menu 2012

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On Christmas day I like to have clam chowder and salad.  The day itself is always so full of rich food, that I don't like having a feast.  Plus, the soup is nice and cozy. 

This year I'm also making white chocolate peppermint popcorn.  Very easy and so, so good.

I like the idea of having tamales for breakfast.  I might have to do that.  I've made breakfast enchiladas before and I might need to try breakfast tamales.

We always go to my in-laws for Christmas Eve dinner. My MIL is German, so we always have beef rouladen, spaetzle with gravy and roasted veggies. Also tons of wine. Then stöllen and Black Forest cake.

Christmas Day breakfast is at my house, with my parents and siblings. I make baked egg casserole and cinnamon rolls. This year I'm thinking of switching the rolls for baked French toast. We also have fruit, hot chocolate, mimosas, cookies...pretty much whatever is available to munch on.

That afternoon we will go to DH's grandparent's house, where we have honey ham and lots of traditional sides. DH's grandpa makes old fashioned popcorn balls!

The main menu on Christmas dinner will be:

baked spiral cut ham
potato salad
baked butternut squash
sweet potatoes with maple syrup
green salad
a big pot of beans
Maybe a big dish of ice cream for dessert.
various juices and tea
Any other good things that end up on the table. 

One time we had tostada's for Christmas dinner.  I loved it, loved it, but some one was disappointed, so we haven't done it since.   :(


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