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Sauce for Pumpkin/Squash Ravioli?

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You people rocked it with my brownies, so now I'm baaack :)

I love pumpkin and also squash ravioli, and now I have one of each in my freezer.  But I can never figure out what to put on top of them.  I had a frozen one a while back that came with a marinara sauce and it was ghastly.

Anybody have any ideas?

Outdoor Girl:
I think I would go with some sort of creamy sauce, maybe even with a little cheese, like romano or parmesan.  Or I'd be tempted to serve them more like perogies with some sour cream and crumbled bacon (if you aren't veg*an, of course).

I can't imagine why anyone would combine squash with tomato.   :P

Brown butter and sage would be my vote.

Browned butter sauce and a grating of parm on top.  Just place real butter in a pan over medium heat, let it melt and then it will bubble up.  No need to stir just watch.  When the bubbles deflate take off the heat and let them all "pop".  Then you will have beautiful brown butter sauce.  Pour over hot ravioli and grate parm over it.

Outdoor Girl:
Mmmmmm...  I've never done a brown butter sauce - that sounds amazing!  And not very healthy.   ;)


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