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What's a noogie between friends? No, really. . .

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So I regularly attend an event weekly and am friends with several of the other regulars. Most people who come in are in the 40+ range, but a few of us are younger (30's). Recently, a younger guy has been coming in with his friends. We're friendly and we always greet one another with a hug (upon arrival and parting).

But today, he (mid-20's) gave me a (gentle) noogie when he walked past. I'm a bit baffled at this turn of events. I did not grow up in a noogie-giving family or neighborhood, so I don't really know the Law of the Noogie. Basically, is there noogie etiquette? Why was I noogied and what was the appropriate/desired response?

Enlighten me, eHellions, if you please.

I had to look up what a "noogie" was.

It sounds painful and I would have told him to back off and never touch me again, as I really hate things like that.

It depends whether you minded/it hurt you or not.

In my experience, a gentle noogie (not the one that causes pain) is done among close friends/siblings/etc. as a silly way of saying hello. Kind of like fist bumps and hand signs (or pigtail-tugging for the younger set). Some people might noogie him back or simply laugh and shrug it off.

If you don't want this, ducking away from him or pushing his hand away would be the first option. If he doesn't clue in that you are not a 'noogie' kind of gal, a friendly "Hey Bud, cut that out!" might work.

If he can't take no for an answer, that's another problem entirely. :(

In my family it was always a playful show of affection, like tickling.  One of my dad's cousins did it to everyone and thus was dubbed "The Noogie Man" and when he'd show up my cousins and I would squeal "The Noogie Man!" and run, inviting him to give chase. 

It never hurt, and was just fun, but I wouldn't appreciate a noogie that did hurt.

I give noogies to my son but they're soft and mainly involve mussing his hair a bit.
But, I would never give one to someone with whom I was not a close friend.


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