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So it's my birthday today - huzzah! DP is coming up to take me to lunch (double huzzah! It'll be the first time she's driven, alone, to come see me!) I'm feeling awesome, my phone is buzzing like crazy from Facebook wishes, all is well... except that apparently NO ONE I work with knows. Now, if this was a 'no celebrations' office (I've worked for lots of those) I would totally understand - but it's not, there have been BIG celebrations for some people since I've been here, and I've worked for the same boss for 4 years, you'd think at least he would know by now.

It's not a big thing - I mean, for Pete's sake, I'm a grown up, birthdays aren't supposed to be a big deal. I'm just... miffed that no one seems to know. Is it appropriate to say anything to anyone?

Well, if these celebrations are being "sponsored" by the company, then they need to ensure that everyone's birthday is on the calendar and being celebrated.

If these celebrations are being organized by the employees (and simply fine with the company), then how is anyone supposed to know it's your birthday? I think you could take two routes of action. Let it slip that it is your birthday. It would have worked better a few days beforehand to drop it into conversation, but you could mention it today. Your coworkers could throw something together, assuming that they even pick up on the hint (which hinting is often not the best route.)

Or you could have planned the celebration yourself. Bring in a treat to share with everyone. There may still be time, as you could drop by a local bakery during your break and return with some cookies. This will let your coworkers know it's your birthday and hopefully they will include yours in the future.

Celebrating birthday's in the office can be a funny thing. Some people just don't want it to be mentioned. Your coworkers might have assumed that was the case with you being that you never brought it up.

Oh... Happy Birthday!!!

Go pick up some cupcakes on the way back from lunch and then tell everyone to stop by for one.

I agree, the best way to bring your birthday to people's attention, is to let them share in your joy by treating them.

And now here's hoping that they are civilised people so that your next post is not about one gimme pig who took three cupcakes when there was only one for each...  ;D

Happy birthday, Rebecca! Have a good one!

Thanks, guys - I did mention it in my staff meeting this morning (boss slipped and said 'let's call it a day' when he meant 'let's end the meeting early' and I thanked him for the 'birthday gift'. LOL)

I'm looking forward to lunch - I may even stop at the bakery on the way back. I have literally never left for lunch since I've lived in GA, so this is a very rare and special treat!


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