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What is the proper etiquette regarding flashdrives? When given a flash drive loaded with files for public consumption, do you copy the files and give back the drive or just keep the files and the drive?

You copy the files to your own device and give the drive back to the owner, I believe.  That's what I would do.

Unless told otherwise, I would assume the intent was for me to copy the files to my computer and return the flash drive to its owner.

I copy the files and offer the flash drive back.  Flash drives aren't free.  There is also the trouble of copying all the danged files to a replacement flash drive if someone keeps your original one......

That said - I have given away a SMALL flash drive (256mb) because I had a newer 2gb flash drive to replace it - but I had also planned to leave the smaller one with the person (small batch of files that they might need to use another time) and made sure that I had copied anything that I might need another time to my computer (and wiped the drive of anything else that might have been on it).

If the offer is, here are some files you may need, then you copy the files and return the drive with the files still on it as well. 

If the offer is, here is a flash drive with the files you may need, then you can keep the drive, but just to be sure, I'd still ask if they wanted the drive returned. 


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