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--- Quote from: DavidH on December 06, 2012, 09:52:01 AM ---If the offer is, here are some files you may need, then you copy the files and return the drive with the files still on it as well. 

If the offer is, here is a flash drive with the files you may need, then you can keep the drive, but just to be sure, I'd still ask if they wanted the drive returned. 

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POD here - sometimes it's more trouble than its worth to the sender to get the thing back - I get them occasionally from coworkers in other offices, since it's easier and larger capacity than a CD.

And of course: Always practice safe file-sharing.  Make sure your AV program completes a scan of the flash drive before you copy any files from it...


--- Quote from: Mark3785 on December 06, 2012, 09:01:06 AM ---What is the proper etiquette regarding flashdrives? When given a flash drive loaded with files for public consumption, do you copy the files and give back the drive or just keep the files and the drive?

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Please please please give it back if at all possible! I've lost probably five flash drives at my current job because of people who ascribe to the latter theory. They're pretty cheap now, but it's still annoying to not have one handy when you need one.

I mean, it's ok to keep it for the length of your presentation or whatever. But not forever and ever.


I would give it back unless specifically told not to.

Thanks, all! I was having a discussion with a friend who expressed some surprise when I asked for a flash drive back. Normally I buy a bunch of cheapies so I don't mind if I don't get one back, but this was a high capacity USB 3.0 drive that I just bought. She had no problem returning the drive but insinuated that either I was making up rules as I went along, or that this was some obscure bit of 'geek etiquette' that normal people don't know about. I'll forward a link to this page to her as proof that it's common knowledge.

I feel vindicated! :-)

Thanks again,


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