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Bounced Checks and Emails - Update Post 11

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My DH and I have a friend who owes me money. For his birthday, I treated my DH to a concert from a local symphony orchestra, and our friend said he'd go and pay me back for the ticket.
He wrote me a check, and the check bounced in my account, costing me not only the funds to cover the ticket, but now a returned item fee with my bank.

DH and I have spoken about it, and have agreed to let him know that the check was bad. DH also recommended that I let him know through email, simply because that is the primary method of communication that I have with him - as in, 99% of the time, if I have a question or issue, I use email. Calling him is unreliable, since he is usually busy with work, and has been known to not return calls at all, or to return them a week or so later. Email is almost always read and returned.

So, how do you word an email as such?
I'm assuming there was simply a mistake made on his end, since I have known him for fifteen years and never known him to be a deadbeat.
However, you know what they say about assumptions, and if it turns out that he is having financial problems, I'd hate to embarrass him, though I think it's actually unavoidable to an extent.

What is the kindest, politest, most e-hell approved way to tell someone that their check is no good? Or am I overthinking this?

he should already know, due to his bank notifying him of the issue.  if he's not contacting YOU apologizing, well.... :-\

Thanks! That reminds me to add that it might actually be a while before he DOES know, if he's not paying attention to his account online. He moved out of his parents' home last year and into a house that he's renting, and most of his mail is still going to their home. He only visits once a month or so, so he may not have recieved the notice yet...

Should I wait and see if he does say anything? 

"When will you be able to get me the cash to cover the bounced check fees and the cost of the ticket?"

If you're set up for PayPal, you can mention that he can send it to your account under email - and remind him that it's a reimbursement, so it doesn't end up "costing" you a business user's percentage if he just sends the money on auto-pilot.....

It may not be a big percentage - but it still money out of your pocket that hasn't been repaid.

I'd just say something to the effect of "I got an odd notice back from my bank that your check to me didn't clear. Perhaps there was an error at your bank? Could you check into it, and let me know how you'd like me to handle the returned check. Thanks so much, was lovely to see you, blah, blah, blah..."

Really may have been an error at his bank. Best to give him the 'out'.


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