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Author Topic: Don't you just hate it when....  (Read 49339 times)

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Re: Don't you just hate it when....
« Reply #120 on: January 09, 2013, 11:22:06 PM »
When you are trying to get the toddler to sleep, and you've nursed him, snuggled, sung till your throat is sore, he's limp and snoring in your arms and the INSTANT he touches the sheets of his cot he's wide awake and shrieking.
Honestly, it's a cot, not an Iron Maiden!
Bonus points if this happens at 2am...

I feel you. I've gotten to the point where I just walk away, shut the door and go back to bed with a pillow over my ears.  Last night the shrieking lasted a whole of two minutes and he was out for the count.   Granted he's only 14 months so he's still in a crib and thus unable to crawl out and cause trouble.  But he's at the age where he hates being left alone or confined so no matter what he's going to shriek when he's put in his crib and then Mama leaves him alone in the room.

My irritation is that there are a few places in his room that are convenient for plugging in a nightlight where he can see it.  Actually I think there's a total of 4 outlets, two of which are behind his dresser, one is in sort of an alcove and the other is behind his crib where he can see it but he can also reach his little hand through the bars and mess with it.

I need to get one of those lights you can just stick to the wall and hit so it won't matter where the outlets are.

I have been using this all night every night since Christmas and haven't needed to change the batteries yet.  (It's just an LED inside a plastic mushroom-shaped light, but you can either do it with batteries or plugged into a USB drive.)  It's not that bright when you first go to bed, but once your eyes adjust it's more than sufficient to scare monsters away (or navigate across the room when SOMEONE is fussing and hungry again for the third time in one night.)

Oooh that looks cool! :) Thankfully tonight he went down with a minimal amount of fussing. He seems to go in cycles where sometimes he sleeps through the night and other times he doesn't.  I'm hoping when we go camping in about 4 months he'll decide to sleep through the night since my friend will be in the tent with us. It will be his first time camping so I won't be surprised if the noises of the sea keep him up (we camp on Assateague Island) or other sounds the first night.

On the other hand it'll be a busy day since the day we go down there he's getting baptized and we'll have lunch with the relatives who attend, then will head home, change and drive down.
Best wishes Piratelvr1121! I hope he sleeps like a log (I nearly typed "Like a baby." HA HA HA)

I would like to add an addendum to my "don't you hate it when..." submission. I hate it, really really hate it, when I'm leaning over the cot patting the screaming banshee toddler in there, singing as soothingly as I can ("go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep sleep sleep SLEEEEEEEEP") and the elastic in my pyjama pants goes and they fall down, leaving my derriere exposed to the night breezes and with no way for me to pull them up and secure them again.

Yes, I really really HATE that.