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Store Lines and Cell Phones: Did I do wrong?

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You were fine. The onus was on her to be ready to check out when it was her turn, which she obviously was not. I think you handled it perfectly.

I don't know that your way was, necessarily, wrong.

I think my reaction would have been a (truly) confused look and, "But you're not IN line."

And, the really sad part of the whole story is that it's not like she didn't get checked out.  And actually pretty quickly, too.  All that anger and nonsense on her part for what really amounts to a momentary blip in her day.  She could have calmly said, "Oh, the line is actually behind me" (even if she were on her phone) and not raised her blood pressure.  Instead, she reacted the way she did and didn't even accomplish anything constructive with it.
People get so perturbed in life.  And for no real reason.  Shoot!  Just calm down and go with the flow a little.  Someone gets in front of you in line.  It's annoying.  But there's no reason to let it ruin your day.  Roll your eyes and go on.


I agree, I think you did spectacular.

rose red:
If the woman didn't go to a free cashier after a reasonable amount of time, you were fine to do so.


--- Quote from: NyaChan on December 06, 2012, 04:21:39 PM ---So as I understand it, she was just waiting to finish her phone conversation a decent distance away from the register before she went up there?   And she had made no attempt to move towards the register?  In that case I think it was your turn to be checked out as you had no way of knowing that she was in line and even if she was, she planned on finishing the conversation first.  That said, unless the store had a sign that says people won't be helped unless they hang up their cells, it really wasn't your place to impose that rule on everyone.

--- End quote ---

That's what I was afraid of.  I said it in a very calm, non-snotty tone, but it still felt weird to basically tell another adult I didn't approve of their behavior.


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