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I have a sweet one.
DH and I took DS to the annual city market and fair.  Whilst there, I decided to take DS on the carousel ride.  The sign said clearly "2 per rider, including babies and children.  NO EXCEPTIONS." Ok.  I took 4 out of my bag and gave it to the cashier.  He winked at me, gave me 2 back and said "Happy Christmas!" 
I don't know what prompted that at all. I thought it was incredibly sweet and kind. It restored my faith that people can be nice just sometimes!  :D

A local high school was in a class and was asked  "What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?"   All answered with varying items until one classmate replied wistfully "I would drive".   The young lady in question had become gradually blind in recent years.

This is what her classmates did.


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