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Someone from a totally different division on a different floor just came by with doughnuts.  I got a chocolate cake doughnut with chocolate frosting.  Sure, it's a little thing, but it made my day.   :)


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--- Quote from: MamaMootz on December 07, 2012, 08:19:26 AM ---I am also baking batches of cookies and putting them in tins,  and handing them out to random strangers, particularly those working in retail or customer service positions this year.

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I like this idea!  I do a lot of baking and give out trays to coworkers, neighbours and my massage therapist.  Never thought about doing this.

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The post office loves me and actually look forward to getting them....I figure that this time of year, the retail, customer service kind of roles are taking all kinds of abuse from stressed out customers. It really makes people's days brighter and I love doing that.

Along the idea of giving to service/retail workers, I made two batches of fudge, cut them up and took them to the pharmacy. These people know my name, don't need to ask me my birth date..they say Hi when they see me. For all that effort, they got some love back. They told me it was great, but the main pharmacist snagged a few extras from ladies who didn't like the chocolate.
I'm going to make him a double box and see if he'll shush.

I participated in a performance of the Christmas portion of Handel's Messiah. In keeping with the tradition of charitable giving at Messiah concerts (all the performances during Handel's lifetime were benefit concerts), we collected an offering at both performances to help an organization where churches house homeless families and help the adults find jobs.

We collected nearly $7,400.  ;D  :'( It makes me happy to know that more homeless families will be helped at this difficult time of the year because of something of which I was a part.

This was before Thanksgiving, but I think it counts.

Each year, the U.S. federal government has the Combined Federal Campaign, where they raise money for charity, either by getting individual employees to contribute, or by having fund raisers.  One of my co-workers -- a contractor, not a federal employee -- hosts a luncheon.  She buys all the food, does all the cooking, does a lot of the set-up and clean-up; all proceeds go to the charity of her choice.  Over the last few years, this luncheon has grown from just our office, to the rest of the division, to people from other offices.  This year, Co-worker cooked lunch for around 75, and raised $1,100.


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