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Keep my head down and stay smiling...? Update #16

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I need some advice on office etiqutte because i cannot remove myself from this situation.

Gish had an interview today with the company where I work. He made it clear in the phone interview with HR that his girlfriend works there.
His interview today was with people I worked with and really respect and like, but i haven't talked to in a while because our desks aren't near each other and our jobs no longer intersect. We're colleagues, not friends. I knew Gish's interview was with them, but there was no reason for me to go out of my way to be friendly or talk him up.

The HR bit is what has me antsy. The people i work with and who Gish would be working with know that i separate life and work. I don't know that HR knows that or what they would want to be sure of that? I should keep my head down about it and not volunteer to HR that we have no couplish-ness at work? No one has asked, and that surprises me.

My question is - should i introduce myself to the HR person? We've never met, but she knows my file or whatever...? I really do not know. Help?

Sheila Take a Bow:
I wouldn't say anything unless HR comes to you. It's possible that they're not concerned about hiring someone who's in a relationship with someone who already works there, or it may be that the group interviewing Gish already knows your professionalism so is confident that your relationship wouldn't cause issues in the workplace.


That's what i am hoping. I know it will not be an issue from a business perspective on my level. The people we will be working with if Gish is hired have worked with us both. I'm just surprised and/or nervous no one has said anything to me, and i want to be prepared if they do.

Sheila Take a Bow:
If I were in your shoes, I would just speak off-the-cuff if approached. I think I tend to sound less sincere when I sound rehearsed, so I would 't plan on what I'd say. (Of course, that may just be me.)

I think that as long as you're honest in your answers, then you'll be fine. But it really is possible that no one will ask you anything. If they already know you, they may already know your relationship is a nonissue in the office.

I agree that you should not say anything untill asked. Because if you do go to someone, you are showing them that you do take your relationship into the office. You would not go and speak to HR about every applicant they have, would you?


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