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Does anyone else think it's odd to let your kids answer texts and facebook messages for you?

The first happened a few years ago and I can't remember all the details of the conversation but it was nothing major.  I was texting with a friend about some stuff we were planning and at one point "she" responded with, "Hang on, this is Suzy, I will ask my mom."  I haven't texted with this friend since.

The second happened just last night.  I had messaged a old friend to meet up for lunch.  I needed some information that I knew she had.  We agreed to have lunch today.  Well 2 days ago I came down with this horrible cold so I messaged friend last night that we needed to reschedule and I was sorry.

"She" messaged back, "How about Saturday."

So, I replied back with my Saturday schedule and heard nothing back, until my phone rang.  It was pretty late and I feel like carp and didn't answer.

I just listened to the message and it was my friend telling me how it was Laura responding to me and she wasn't sure how to answer me about Saturday so she went and told her mom.

Is nothing private anymore?  Can I address this with my lunch friend?


Well we went to lunch yesterday and really had a great time.  I didn't have to bring it up because she did.

It seems Laura is her "defiant, problem child"  But she didn't ask my advice, so I didn't offer.  I now know to filter my responses.

It's weird. I wouldn't let my DD answer for me unless we were driving, I was behind the wheel and it was urgent, and then I'd tell her EXACTLY what to say. I'd bring it up - depending on the age of the kid, mom might not even know how 'helpful' they are being.

It's very awkward for those who don't like it, and practically impossible to convey why in a way that won't offend the parents who do like it.

Harriet Jones:
I'd probably be OK with it as long as the texter was just being a relay between me and who I was trying to text.  (Assuming I wasn't texting anything too personal) I don't think I'd be ok with someone just pretending to  be the person I was texting.

Both of these girls pretended to be their mother, until the responses became difficult.  In the first situation the girl was about 11 and has always contolled her mother and continues to do so.  So that one is a forget about it.

The second girl is 14.

I would not have a problem if they identified themselves first.  Neither did.  I have had DS respond for me if I am driving, etc.  He always says, Hi this is DS, mom said...


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