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Wait! Just who am I talking to????update in OP

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I would be bothered by this. What if you had changed the topic to "Oh hey, by the way, my tests came back negative so I don't have to have that invasive medical procedure I mentioned to you?" Not cool.

Until my 17 yo son just got his own phone, all my friends understood that me and my kids share a phone. Now it's just DD and me. Also the understanding in our house is anyone living in the house is free to look at anything on anyone's phones (in our house)*. Our friends are aware of this, no nothing of a personal nature is sent by text. My DD will ask me how I want to respond to a text intended for me if she's using the phone but neither of us take pains to identify who's actually reading, interpreting and answering the text. I will, on occasion, answer a text for my daughter if she's not around (it is, at the end of the day, MY phone) but I always let the recipient know it's me and not DD.

*Safety precaution - our kids have a relative expectation of privacy. We have the passwords to their emails, forums, the one social network they're allowed to participate in and they understand that as long as they are living under our roof, we retain the right to check the texts and calls on phones that they pay for. My son is still a minor and has minor friends and we went over the risks of having a cellphone (sexting). They also have access to anything on our phones. 

I'd find it uncomfortable, too.  We've got a phone for every person in the family, but the kids have answered mine the same way other PPs have indicated -- while I was driving, and identifying themselves first but that it's my phone.  I've also had them check texts for me; my phone displays only the sender name at first, and they'd only read it if it were the middle of a back-and-forth already pending (we're headed to meet someone, they text that they'll be at the coffee shop instead of the bookstore, something like that).

Sometimes I'm visible on Google chat but DH is the one at the computer.  If one of our sons chats us and I can't respond, he does but always identifies himself in the first line.  We want them to know they'll know who's talking to them!

It sounds like almost two different issues:  who has access to someone's personal electronics, and identifying yourself if you're not the person whose device or account it is.

In both cases, the girls have their own phones and their own facebook accounts.

I certainly check my sons phone and facebook account, however, he does not have the right to check mine.

I guess it wouldn't bother me so much if I knew that she allowed her daughter to log into her FB account.  So now her daughter knows the context of our prior conversations.  Which some of which were very private.

I think there can be a vast number of ways to view texting.  I think that in our family most of us would not text private/personal info and do not "converese" via text.  SO there might be a quick "Can you have dinnner?"  "Sure, where?" kind of thing between each other and with our friends. So if somebody has their hands in the dishwater and they hear the tone that indicates a text, it seems perfectly natural to ask somebody else to check the text and if possible respond.

To me it is still me responding, just somebody else typing. I think that it probably is always wise to consider the possibility that the person you are talking to has a different theory about texting than you do.


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