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Help!  I've been invited to a cookie swap party and I would like to make an iced sugar cookie.  What kind of icing would be best? 

I'd like one that dries with a slight crust so I could stack the cookies in a box instead of a soft sticky icing but am not sure how to make it.


Royal icing is the best for cookie icing. Make it stiff for outlining the design and then flood inside the lines with a runnier version.

You could use sugar paste as an alternative. Glue it on to the cookie with heated jam or edible glue. It will be soft though and will mark more easily.

Outdoor Girl:
I use Wilton's Snow White Buttercream recipe, using meringe powder, shortening and water, only (no butter, eggs or cream).  After I ice the cookies, I let them sit out to dry for a couple of hours or so. The icing will be hard on the surface but soft inside.  As long as you lay the cookies gently one on top of the other, the icing doesn't get too smooshed.

Alternatively, you could colour your sugar and skip the icing.  I have a little mini food processor that I'll put a cup of sugar in with some colouring paste and whir it around.  It blends the colour evenly and fines up the sugar a bit, making it even better for sprinkling on the top of the cookies.

Confectioners sugar (aka powdered sugar) with a bit of milk or (my preference) lemon juice*. If you just use the milk, add almond or vanilla extract for flavor. Make a batch, separate into different bowls and use food coloring for different colors.

This is an easy icing I've used forever . . . especially when kids get involved. It's easy to spread or use a toothpick for fine details. It does dry to a crust so that you can stack the cookies.

*Sorry, I don't have exact measurements. Add the milk or lemon juice a little (eta, like a teaspoon or less) at a time, stirring out the lumps, so that it's like an "Elmers-glue" type of consistency. (:-\ I can't think of any other way to describe it. Not too thick where it's gloppy and not too thin where it's runny.)

Green Bean:
Podding the Royal Icing. It's just powdered sugar, water, and meringue powder. The meringue powder is key because it helps the icing garden quickly. A small canister will last a long time because you only use a few tablespoons.
You can also add any flavoring of your choice - I usually use Lemon juice. To get black without using up all the dye, add cocoa powder to make brown and then add your coloring.
The royal frosting works great if you are piping the frosting or if you thin it out to cover the ehe cookie.
Good luck and happy baking!


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