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Icing for Cookies?

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I've always made royal icing with egg white, icing sugar and lemon. It has to be beaten for about 10 minutes though.


The traditional royal icing does contain raw eggs, so if you've got a danger-conscious crowd (or pregnant women) you might want a label on them.

I remember using the icing sugar and lemon juice version, with food colouring. It makes a very thin icing, which I think would be a lot easier to decorate with (rather than just ice) than the much fluffier royal icing - you can use it almost like a paint, or use a dipped  toothpick for details. It dried fairly firmly, as there's no fat in it, so you can stack the cookies in a tin, and it glues on other decorations nicely.

Thanks everyone! I plan on baking a batch tomorrow so I'll let you know how they turn out.

I know this is late for the OP, but in case anyone else was looking for sugar cookie icing:

Start with 1 cup powdered sugar, add 1 tsp vanilla extract and 1 Tb milk, and mix.  It makes a very thick paste.  Add milk by 1 tsp amounts and stir til you have the desired consistency (thick like glue vs. paste or liquid).  I also added food coloring (1 drop makes pretty strong pastels, need 2 or more drops for blended colors or vibrant primaries).  Lemon juice also works, as mentioned, instead of milk.  I used a food brush to paint the cookies, and wax paper to separate layers of cookies for transporting.

Oops, I forgot to update!  I ended making a cashew cookie with confectioner sugar icing, topped with half a cashew.

Cashews are my favorite nut and the recipe sounded delicious. But... the recipe called for 6 cups of cashews but you really couldn't taste them after baking.  They ended up being expensive but 'meh' cookies.

At least they looked beautiful at the party!   :)


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