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Politely Turn Down Offer to Borrow Something?

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I'm taking a college course this coming semester (starting in January) that requires several rather expensive text books. A co-worker took this course last year and when she heard that I would be taking it, she offered to lend me her textbooks. This co-worker is super-sweet and I greatly respect her. It was really nice and generous of her to offer to lend me the books. But.....I don't want to. I certainly appreciate the offer, but I really don't think I'd be able to return them in the same condition. I like to highlight and write in the margins, and sometimes I'm a little tough on my books. I would feel really bad if I damaged her property. I know that if I say this, she'll say something like "don't worry about it" or " It's OK". I just don't feel comfortable borrowing them.

This came up a few weeks ago, and we haven't discussed it since. I think it will probably come up again, and I'll have to tell her that I bought the books for myself. How can I politely decline the offer and/or explain why I bought my own? Thanks.

Thanks, but I like to keep my textbooks so I can refer to them in the future?

"Oh, CW, thank you so much for the offer; I really appreciate it. I went ahead and bought my own books, though, because I tend to be hard on them. I write in them, highlight passages, that sort of thing, so I really needed to get my own. But it was so sweet of you to offer!"


--- Quote from: amylouky on December 07, 2012, 09:28:23 AM ---Thanks, but I like to keep my textbooks so I can refer to them in the future?

--- End quote ---

POD - it's short, it's simple and, unless your co-worker was actually looking to get rid of her books altogether, unarguable.

I think in this case honesty is the best policy. "I went ahead and bought my own text books. I'm hard on them and I just wouldn't be comfortable really *using* someone else's."

Note: don't make this about not wanting to use *her* books. Make it about not wanting to borrow anyone's books.


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