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Would you keep the gift bag?

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My daughter belongs to a mom's group. They get together once a week, have a speaker, refreshments and such. It's a fairly large group of about 50 women. They recently had a gift basket fund-raiser. Each table of  8-10 women pick a theme and put together a gift basket. So there are generally 6 baskets. They then can buy tickets for $2 each and place them in any or all baskets they'd like to win and a ticket is drawn.  The baskets are quite extravagant, one basket contained only gift cards in the $25-$50 range. The ticket money is then used to off-set a retreat all the ladies are invited on each year.

The organizer of the gift baskets did the drawing. On the first basket she drew her own ticket and was very excited. Then on the third ticket she again drew her own name, it was for the gift card basket and she hooped and hollered and was extremely excited. Then she drew the rest.

About half of the group felt she should have drawn another ticket because she herself was the organizer and she was drawing the names and there were only six baskets.

Was she obligated by etiquette to do this or was she in the clear?

Is everyone else allowed to win multiple baskets? Are the other women confidant that there was no way she could see it was her ticket she was choosing before she picked it? If yes to both then I think she was okay, assuming she contributed equally to her own group's basket.

In the future maybe it would make everyone feel better to either have someone who is exempt from winning draw the tickets or, if the drawer has won a basket, have someone else take over.

Should have had the organizer hold the name basket and then had someone else pick.  Or if there was a speaker that day, had the speaker pick.

Not saying that the organizer couldn't win a basket, but not cool when she has won two AND she is the one picking the names.  I would be annoyed if I was one of the other members.

(I am guessing since they buy tickets, that they can have their name in the kitty multiple times.)

I think that there might be a better way to set it up.  They might want to establish a rule of one basket per person in general.  It might be a bit annoying ot see anyone get two baskets.

To answer your question "Would you keep the gift bag?" - No, I wouldn't but, I think that if she won both she is certainly ok to keep both.  However, I have been in a situation where I won twice and kept the first prize but asked that someone else be picked for the second.  People seemed to appreciate that.
I have been to Bingos, Raffles, etc where 1 person wins multiple times.  It irritates those who haven't won anything but I can't see where there is an etiquette breach.
I would say in the future the group can make changes, either in limiting how many tickets you can put in or who is doing the drawing for the winners.  You can make a rule where you can only win once if you prefer to go that route.
I can see where one person winning twice, and loudly celebrating that, would be upsetting to others.


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