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I give up - shopping for furniture...*update -& more questions....

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I think it's an almost real possibility that my head may explode.  We are shopping for new bedroom furniture and I just can't find anything I like.  The bed will be great, but I wont' like the nightstands, or vice cersa, or the set wont' have an optional media chest, or the headboard is too low......or....WHATEVER......

I just wish I could go upstairs and somehow, magically, the perfect furniture will materialize!

What do you guys do in these situations?  Do you look somewhere special for inspiration?

I did just what you did - almost three years later our bed is still in its $40 metal frame and we have old end tables as night tables.  You might want to do what we did for the living room and buy separate pieces.  We bought a sofa from one set, ottoma from another, and a large chair and a half from yet another set. It was more expensive as we didn't get the set discount, but we got exactly what we wanted for the living room. We will eventually (eventually!) get around to doing the same for the bedroom.

I ended up getting something I liked about 6 years ago, by going to a local auction.

As someone who just bought new bedroom furniture over the summer, I have to ask ... does it really have to be a matched set?  If you are looking for the perfect matched set, that might take a long time and get to be pretty expensive.

Do you mind if I asked where you have looked so far?

DH and I bought our bed new (The Mandal bed from Ikea - http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30176309/ - because I have always wanted a bed with built-in drawers) and the seat/blanket chest new from a local Amish carpenter, but the dressers and bedside tables are varying flavors of vintage that we picked up from different antique and resale stores.  (Except for my dresser - that was my grandmother's, but we did refinish it.)

If you like clean lines, seeing if you can get everything from Ikea might work for you, and a lot of it is really mix and match.   

I did this same thing this summer, with the even more difficult task of wanting solid wood rather than laminate. I ended up buying separate pieces from different stores that matched in style and color but weren't a set. There were a few sets that came close to what I wanted and I'm a bit handy with tools, so I was toying with the idea for a while of buying "close enough" and customizing it myself if possible.


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