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Playing "Guess who's telephoning!"

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Outdoor Girl:
I usually just keep them talking for a few moments until I can figure out who it is.  My nephews are not good at identifying themselves on the phone but at least they don't intentionally make it a guessing game.  And none of my friends make it guessing game, either, at least not on purpose.

veryfluffy, I like your response for the first time or two Jane tries this.  Then it is time to be blunt, like Judah.  'Jane, I would really prefer you identify yourself by name when you call me.  If I have to ask 'Who is this?' more than once, I won't.  I'm just going to hang up.'

And stick to it.

My passionate hate for people not identifying themselves may come from my childhood.  My Mom was a homecare nurse and often had patients or her supervisor calling the house, since she didn't really have an office.  So I had to answer the phone, 'Smith residence, Outdoor Girl speaking.'  But nine times out of ten, people ignored my greeting and assumed I was my mother, anyway.   ::)  Although it was really amusing/insulting to be mistaken for my brother on more than one occasion.


--- Quote from: rose red on December 07, 2012, 01:01:27 PM ---"Don't you know who this is?"


--- End quote ---

This. It's not rude at all. You don't know who's calling.

Someone may chose to get upset that you did not recognize their voice, but that's their choice. I'm horrible with voices over the phone and I just tell people that. If they want me to know who is on the other end of the line, they have to tell me. Keep me guessing too long, and I'll hang up, because anyone who won't identify themselves clearly has no real wish to speak to me.

Tea Drinker:
I would probably go to "I think you have the wrong number" (on the assumption that if they had the right number, the person they were calling would know who it was) or a snarky "No, don't you know who you are?"

But that's partly because I go through periodic rounds of

Me: Hello.
Them: Hello.
Me: Who is this?
Them: Hello?
Me: Who are you trying to reach?

Followed by either a click or "sorry, wrong number." The answer to "Who are you trying to reach?" is never me or my husband.

POD to saying "no" if they ask "Don't you know who this is?".  Unless I talk to you regularly, I'm not going to be able to recognize you by voice.

OP, does she do this if she has to leave a message?  Something like "Hi, call me back" without leaving her name?


--- Quote from: Judah on December 07, 2012, 12:51:23 PM ---I don't play. It would go something like this:

Telephone rings. I answer: "Hello?"
Caller: Hi!!"
Me: "Who is this?"
Caller "Don't you know who this is?"
Me: "Who is this?"

If they don't identify themselves, I hang up.  This game irritates me to no end and it's one of my pet peeves.

--- End quote ---

I've gotten to the point where I only ask once who is calling.  Maybe it's too many political and telespamming calls (on my cell phone, which is also registered on the national Do Not Call list).

Me: Who's calling?
Them: *not identifying themselves*
Me: If you aren't going to properly identify yourself, I will not continue this call.  *click*


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