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Does this really exist???

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For a sweetener try using stevia instead. It's way better tasting than the other sweeteners out there and you can buy a bag of it made to be "cup for cup" the same as sugar re: measuring. You don't have to worry about conversions, and the flavor is really good. I use it in everything (that requires sugar).

I would semi-give up and buy some fruit and whipping cream and nuts and honey and chocolate and frozen soy desert and a few other things that are individually dairy free or gluten free or sugar free.

Then I'd put it all on a platter or individual plates and let people assemble their own plates of yumminess.

Are the restrictions all for one person, or are they split up? If they're split up, I would buy 3 trays and make 3 of the same kind of cookie- subbing out the restriction in each one, and then food-dye or ice them a different colour to make sure there is no mix-up.

If they are OK with alcohol in cooking, then poached pears are nice. Use firm, even under-ripe pears. Peel off the skin, but keep the stalk on, and keep them whole. Place them upright in a pan of red wine, and add mulled wine spices to taste. You can put a bit of sugar or substitute in as well if you want, but don't have to. Simmer the pears until cooked, and take them out. Reduce the remaining red wine liquid to a syrup to serve.

are any type of sweeteners allowed - honey, artificial etc?

are there any nut allergies?

could it be candy-like ideas, like rice crispie clusters?

--- Quote from: Me me me on December 07, 2012, 03:25:10 PM ---Hi,

Ok so I am going to my brothers next weekend and have been challenged with finding just the right receipe for cake, or cookies or something sweet. NO easy since his family has several eating restrictions they are on right now.

I need something gluten free, sugar free, diary free. I'll take diary free and sugar free if gluten can't be done, but it has to taste good. the stuff they have found so far sucks..


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