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Asking for time off during the holidays

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If you were fairly new to a position, would you ask for time off after your supervisor requested that you work over the holidays? 

For this example, let's say your friends asked that you accompany them on a trip that you would really enjoy. 

Your supervisor only recently asked that you work, and you were already contemplating going on the trip, but had not made firm plans or requested time off. 

Your supervisor asked you to work days that are not part of  your normal schedule over the holidays, however some of the days you want off are days you do typically work.

Would you still go if your supervisor told you it was a problem, but did not deny your request?

How would you feel if your request was denied and you had already made vacation plans?

Some information about the position:

It is a part time, but well paid position. 

It is a temporary position with a possibility of becoming a full time permanent position.

It is not retail or holiday driven

It is in a field you would like as a career

There is no one available to cover your position while you are gone, since others asked for time off first 

There are currently no paid vacation days, but that will change in 2013

I think that this would be a bad time to ask for time off, especially since there is no one to take over and you (general you) already know it.  This could be a permanent position and showing that you are reliable and can come through when the company needs it is going to make you look good.

I would ask, but would cheerfully accept "No" as an answer.

I wouldn't view this as requesting vacation, I'd view it as giving notice.

You have been asked to work and know there won't be anybody to cover your normal workload. Intentionally leaving your boss short staffed shows a lack of respect for your boss, position and career opportunities. Time off this time of year is often booked months in advance, so I would consider this a short notice request as well.

I wouldn't even consider asking for the time off.  Jobs in my area are very hard to come by.  YMMV.


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