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Asking for time off during the holidays

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One of my assistants is very upset that she will have to work some during what is typically an extra two weeks of vacation for non-essential personnel. She doesn't seem to grasp that she's hanging on by a thread and really not all that useful so firing her wouldn't be all that crazy if she refused.

There are just too many things to make asking a Very Bad Idea:
- New employee
- No one to cover
- Already asked to work by supervisor
- No vacation time
- You really want to stay there

Honestly, if I were your boss you'd be the first on the list to lay off when the time came. This is coming from someone who had just started a new job and her boyfriend asked her to go on a trip to Hawaii that he was paying for and had to say no to.

If I wanted to keep the job, I would put the job first. No vacation.

I agree with all the other posters, I wouldn't ask. In general if I am new to a position I wouldn't ask for time off (holiday or no) and i normally work longer hours than asked. But that's just me.


--- Quote from: AustenFan on December 07, 2012, 07:16:33 PM ---I wouldn't view this as requesting vacation, I'd view it as giving notice.

You have been asked to work and know there won't be anybody to cover your normal workload. Intentionally leaving your boss short staffed shows a lack of respect for your boss, position and career opportunities. Time off this time of year is often booked months in advance, so I would consider this a short notice request as well.

--- End quote ---

Pod.  I've encountered this multiple times in recent months with new hires who are per diems (which means there are no guarantees as far as their hours or, even, their jobs).  One told us in her interview that she had a 100% open schedule then on her 2nd day of employment cut her availability in half, among other things that have popped up.  We were given the okay to terminate her employment.

If you want a career with this place and/or want to forge a good reputation, especially regarding your reliability, forget about the trip.  It's really not worth playing the odds.  Believe me, you're not just messing with your future for the current job but could seriously hurt your chances for being considered for a career position.

I would ask because it doesn't hurt to ask. I would be prepared to graciously accept the request being denied.


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