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Do You Re-Wrap Gifts?

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As Christmas grows closer, we receive gifts from family members who live far away.  Because these gifts are ordered on-line, they often arrive in plain, brown boxes.

If the box is marked 'perishable' we immediately unpack the box and put the food away.  If it isn't, we wrap the box and put it under the tree even if we don't know what is inside. 

Of course, all the senders receive email TYs to let them know that the gift arrived. Once the gift is opened, we will send another TY about the contents. 

Do other E-Hellions do this or, are we strange?

I don't think I would re-wrap the box unless the gift were for a child. But since I don't have children that is kind of a moot point. I would just open the box as instructed (open Christmas Day, stuff marked perishable, etc).

I don't think you are strange for wanting to do it though.

I remember this came up before in the context of shower gifts. I personally said that I liked the gifts in their shipping packaging. To me it was MORE festive to have an exotic gift shipped to somewhere so I like to have the shipping packaging.

For Christmas, I would feel the same way. It gives the gift a story as it sits under the tree. We know where it came from and how it got to the house and symbolises how we have friends and family far away.

However, for the shower question, I was in the tiny minority so I think my feelings are not universal at all. Anyhow I prefer the story over how something looks. ( This could be because I don't have an eye or interest in decorating but I do like stories. For example, we have a polar bear skull in our living room. I added a rock and a toy kayaker trying to escape.)

I know some people wrap empty boxes and put them under the tree for decoration and to make the pile of presents look more bountiful. I'd view this as something similar.

I generally open shipped gifts as soon as they arrive, so no, no re-wrapping. :)


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