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Author Topic: Your Bad Behavior Avenger Fantasies  (Read 1199 times)

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Your Bad Behavior Avenger Fantasies
« on: December 08, 2012, 11:57:13 AM »
I have had a few of these, so I'm hoping I'm not the only one!  Here is the example I spend a fair amount of time daydreaming about:

In the large city where I live, I see - ALL THE TIME - smokers tossing their butts out the window of their cars.  I'm assuming they glance around to look for traffic cops because I would hope to high heaven they'd be ticketed for littering the same way I would be if I tossed my empty soda cup out the window.  But I see it so much and it drives me NUTS.

Had I the time and resources, I would love to be the Cigarette Butt Avenger.  I have enough friends that smoke that I could ask them to save their butts for me for a couple of months.  I would follow the horrible, horrible litterbug home (stalking, I know).  Secretly, under the cover of darkness, I would love to dump an entire bag of butts on their front doorstep with a note that says, "You dropped these."

Of course, the above mentioned is only a wild fantasy and I have no intention of stalking anyone or trashing their doorstep.  Am I the only one!?


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Re: Your Bad Behavior Avenger Fantasies
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2012, 12:01:04 PM »
Nope. I've always had a secret fantasy of having an anti-gravity ray gun installed into my car so when another driver makes a really jerk move, I can lift them out of the way and put them in an inconvenient location >:D

If they existed, I'd have every intention of using it too ;D
My inner (r-word) is having a field day with this one.
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