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Healthy(ish) Christmas Brunch

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Every year I make brunch on Christmas morning, eaten after opening gifts and before the rounds of family visiting start. I've been doing Weight Watchers for a few months and am trying to keep things healthy-ish but still festive and good for the non-WW eaters. So far, I have a yummy sausage asparagus strata, cranberry muffins, and a fruit salad. Can anyone think of something I might be missing? It's not a big crowd, but it's the main meal of the day so I like to have lots of options and very filling.

Bagels and cream cheese?

Giant pot of oatmeal with choices of toppings on the side.

I love breakfast feasts. They are the best.

For some diet healthy options, i would add some
oven roasted pototoes (I am sure there are good WW recipes)
oven roasted squash chunks (maybe steam first) (the buffet on the Ferries has this and it is a tasty addition to breakfast for some strange reason)
another veggie of choice also roasted.

Maybe to go with the oatmeal
 or on it's own

Yogurt and toppings
-crunchy low cal cereal
-grated apple and honey

Chopped up bacon (fry and drain), and onion and then fry with zucchini

Well, since it is brunch I think you get a lot of leeway with the type of food you serve.  I think you could do a gingerbread muffin to go with the cranberry (i think there is a WW recipe for that) and maybe spice some popcorn with savory or sweet flavors.  You could make apple butter in the slow cooker.  If you use a sweeter apple, you'll need less sugar.  That goes well with crackers, toast, & muffins :)


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