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Wrapping Ideas for Gift Cards

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Well, my three siblings have asked for gift cards. I don't like giving them any more than I do money because I enjoy--and I know they enjoy--the anticipation and the actual unwrapping of gifts. Still, I will give them what they want. So ... does anyone have some ideas for wrapping them up in special or magical ways? I have thought about boxes inside boxes inside boxes, each smaller and I may do that. But I wonder what else the creative minds here can think of. I'd love to make it pretty, fun, unusual but am open to almost anything.

One gift card is to K-Mart since my sister has her eye on a bicycle there and this is a contribution. The second is to my brother and will be for Target. He may look at tools but it will certainly be something he can use around the house. The last is to a sister and is for CVS; she'll use it to buy her monthly supply of make-up.

Thank you for your help!

You can buy mazes that you have to solve to unlock the gift cards, but that's kind of a know your audience thing.  I've buried gift cards in a box of candy before which went over well. 


I have hidden cash in

1) a box of (set) concrete
2) a puzzle box
3) an epoxied stainless steel martini shaker
4) a 2 foot by 2 foot solid mass of nails and 2 by 4's
5) an old comfy chair

For the sister getting a bike-put it into one of those bike baskets with a bunch of tissue paper. Whether she uses the basket or not, there are some cute and inexpensive ones out there that can be reused for other things too.

I bought inexpensive shirts and hid the gift cards in the pockets.


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